Don't miss the hands-on workshop on March 24th!

Save the Date! Join us on March 24th at 7pm at Edmonds City Hall Brackett Room (3rd floor) for a fun and interactive workshop

Planning for the Highway 99 area will be the focus of a workshop, March 24 at 7:00 pm in the Brackett Room of Edmonds City Hall, 121 5th Avenue N.  The public is invited.

At the City-sponsored workshop, people can provide input on a vision and ideas for the Highway 99 area of Edmonds.  Hands-on activities will include instant polling and working in small groups.

Questions of interest include:

  • How should the Highway 99 area look and function in the future? 
  • How can the corridor be accessible to walkers, transit-riders, and motorists?  What roadway and sidewalk improvements should be prioritized?
  • In what ways should the Highway 99 neighborhood be better connected to the rest of Edmonds?
  • How can the City encourage the diversity and strength of the area’s businesses, along with affordable housing and community health/safety?

“We are really looking forward to community input and ideas,” said Development Services Director Shane Hope.  “The Highway 99 area has many great places and opportunities for even more. New sidewalk improvements and landscaping may be possible too.”

Planning for the Edmonds Highway 99 Area is a project that began late last year with the gathering of previous studies and the hiring of a consultant team to seek public input and develop a plan.

Updates on the project were given at a City Council meeting on February 9 and a Planning Board meeting on February 10. Please sign up here to receive project updates, event announcements, workshop results, and more!

By late 2016, a draft Highway 99 Plan will be ready for public review.  It will be revised as needed and considered by the City Council for adoption.  The plan is expected to help prioritize transportation improvements and identify steps the City can take to achieve the long-term vision desired for this area.

For more information, contact Development Services - City of Edmonds at 425.771.0220 or 

Hope to see you at the workshop!