The Subarea Plan Draft - June Update

Since last February, the Subarea Plan has gone through a few updates as we worked through the plan’s recommendations with the public and other stakeholders. The most notable updates are in Scenario Alternatives and recommendations to modify the current design standards. Read the updated plan below. 

The full draft of the Planned Action Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is also available here. The purpose of the EIS is to ensure the public and decision-makers consider the potential environmental effects of the proposed Subarea Plan. There will be a public comment period from June 2, 2017 through July 3, 2017. You can provide written comments on the Draft EIS (see Draft EIS for submittal instructions). The City will also hold an Open House in the Brackett Room at City Hall from 6-7:00 PM followed by a public meeting to be held in City Council Chambers beginning at 7 PM on June 20, 2017. All are welcome to attend and provide your comments.

Go to the Upcoming Events page to see what’s next for the adoption of the Subarea Plan and the Planned Action Ordinance.